Patient care starts with clean air

Clean air is a right

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Air quality is a health priority

Healthcare providers have a duty to create the cleanest, safest environment for staff and patients. And that starts with air.

Health practices are a high-risk location when it comes to communicating harmful air-borne pathogens. And it’s never been more important to provide your patients with clean air to prevent the spread of infection.

After all, you don’t want to put anybody at risk when they come to your place of business. You want people to leave your practice feeling better than when they came in.

Provide your patients with clean air, free of:


Make the invisible, visible

Jaspr uses commercial-grade sensors to track air quality in your practice. We display this information in our optics in real-time, so you can always see what’s going on with your air.

We’re proving the power of our technology. And we’re giving your patients peace of mind.

Patient care starts
with clean air

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Meet Jaspr

By the numbers

How does Jaspr compare?

Surgically Clean Air
Smarter Monitoring
Provides real-time air
quality feedback
Tiny display
Jaspr Care
Lifetime warranty
1-year warranty
Better Value
As low As
Filters included
+ Filter cost
Protect patients from infection
Vigilantly traps airborne pathogens, bioaerosols, dust, and mold.
Peace of mind
Proactively displays air health to staff and patients
Cost savings
More power means fewer units required per deployment

Clean, safe air in three easy steps

We make it easy for you to access clean air. Simply:
Talk to one of our experts
Choose the best devices for your practice
Plug-in and purify


Does Jaspr purifier include UV?
No. Research from US EPA found UV to be ineffective against airborne microbial targets given the typical exposure times, sustained intensity, penetration ability of the light, and even resistance by some organisms. To be effective against the targets that are susceptible to UV-C, the exposure needs to be significantly longer than the few seconds seen in most air purifiers. As this technologies efficacy is not supported by the research, we have opted not to include UV in Jaspr air purifiers.
How loud is the Jaspr purifier?
At its lowest setting Jaspr produces ~33dB (whisper quiet) and ~58dB at its highest setting (about the noise level of a quiet conversation). On Smart Mode, Jaspr will automatically reduce its fan speed (reducing the noise level) as particulate is removed from the air and air quality improves.
How much airflow does a Jaspr purifier generate?
On its highest speed, Jaspr generates a powerful 430 cubic feet per minute of airflow. This output is 4x greater than most off-the-shelf options (eg. Dyson), enabling greater air changes per hour and shorter fallow times.
How many Jaspr purifiers do I need?
One purifier per operatory is typically sufficient to achieve the desired Air Changes per Hour.
How do I incorporate Jaspr into my disinfection protocols?
Once a patient exam is complete, perform your standard wipe down of surfaces in the operatory and set Jaspr on its highest speed. Once your fallow time has elapsed, set the purifier to Smart Mode, and invite the next patient into the operatory.
How do I replace the filter?
No tools or technicians required. Gently rest the device upside down so that the bottom is facing up. Twist to unlock the chamber. Remove and replace the filter. Twist to lock the lid. For more information, see this demonstration.

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