Why Jaspr?


H13 HEPA filters 99.97% of particles,
including viruses and airborne pathogens


Jaspr Pro generates an exceptional amount of clean air, up to 430 cubic feet per minute


Automatically adjusts fan speed
based on your air quality

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Patient care starts
with clean air

Dental operatories are classified as very-high-risk for the transmission of harmful viruses, bacteria and pathogens, including Covid-19.

That means air quality has never been more important than it is now.

You have a duty to provide a clean, safe environment for your patients — starting with the air they breathe.

That’s where Jaspr comes in.

The purifier trusted by doctors

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How it Works

How it Works

Antimicrobial Pre-Filter

This anti-bacteria fibre mesh cloth intercepts particulates such as dust, hair, and dander.

Activated Carbon Filter

This layer neutralizes odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including they harsh cleaning chemicals used to sterilize surface.

H13 HEPA Filter

Medical-grade H13 HEPA filters a minimum of 99.97% of harmful particles, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and mold spores.







Jaspr makes clean air effortless

Monitor and manage your air quality automatically with the touch of a button

Commercial-grade Sensors

Track air quality in your business or home like a pro.

Air Quality Feedback

Always see what’s going on with your air.

Smart Mode

Automagically adjusts fan speed based on your air quality.


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Jaspr vs. Surgically Clean Air vs. Austin Air

How does Jaspr compare?

Jaspr Pro


Surgically Clean Air

Healthmate Plus

Austin Air

Air Cleaning Rate Above 400 CFM check

430 cubic ft/min


406 cubic ft/min


250 cubic ft/min

Delivers Clean Air Up, Into the breathing zone check



Exhausts to one side of
the unit at 21” high; knee level

360 degree air intake check



Real-time air quality feedback check



3-in-1 filter for easy replacement check



Automatic filter replacement subscription check



Avoids unnecessary features check

User-centered experience.
Science-backed design.


Incorporates technologies
that don’t work for air.


Does not include sensors to
allow for active speed control.

Treat more patients,

Calculate your wait-time between patients with Jaspr. Simply enter your room dimensions (in feet) below:

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Is Jaspr effective against Coronavirus?
Yes. While HEPA filtration does not eliminate the threat the virus poses to human health, HEPA filters capture COVID-19 sized particles remarkably well ( >99.98% in a single pass).
Does Jaspr purifier include UV?
No. Research from US EPA found UV to be ineffective against airborne microbial targets given the typical exposure times, sustained intensity, penetration ability of the light, and even resistance by some organisms. To be effective against the targets that are susceptible to UV-C, the exposure needs to be significantly longer than the few seconds seen in most air purifiers. As this technology’s efficacy is not supported by the research, we have opted not to include UV in Jaspr air purifiers.
How loud is the Jaspr purifier?
At its lowest setting Jaspr produces ~33dB (whisper quiet) and ~58dB at its highest setting (about the noise level of a quiet conversation). On Smart Mode, Jaspr will automatically reduce its fan speed (reducing the noise level) as particulate is removed from the air and air quality improves.
How much airflow does a Jaspr purifier generate?
On its highest speed, Jaspr generates a powerful 430 cubic feet per minute of airflow. This output is 4x greater than most off-the-shelf options (eg. Dyson), enabling greater air changes per hour and shorter fallow times.
How many Jaspr purifiers do I need?
One purifier per operatory is typically sufficient to achieve the desired Air Changes per Hour.
How do I incorporate Jaspr into my disinfection protocols?
Once a patient exam is complete, perform your standard wipe down of surfaces in the operatory and set Jaspr on its highest speed. Once your fallow time has elapsed, set the purifier to Smart Mode, and invite the next patient into the operatory.
How do I replace the filter?
No tools or technicians required. Gently rest the device upside down so that the bottom is facing up. Twist to unlock the chamber. Remove and replace the filter. Twist to lock the lid. For more information, see this demonstration.
How do I purchase Jaspr purifiers?
Simply book a call following the prompts on this page or call 1 (800) 300-7265 and a Jaspr air quality expert will recommend the best solution based on your needs.
What is Jaspr’s warranty?
JasprCare is an all-inclusive 1-year warranty. If you experience any issues with your Jaspr Pro, we'll replace it. No questions asked.

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