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Capture harmful pollutants and create a clean-air environment for your patients, clients, students, and loved ones. The Jaspr Pro is a commercial grade air purifier available for your home and business. Jaspr Pro captures harmful pollutants and creates a clean-air environment for your patients, clients, students and loved ones.

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Billy Bishop

I set up my Jaspr last weekend … wanted to give it a week.

BEST SLEEP EVER !!! 5 Stars !!!!!
My allergies have all but gone away... allowing me to rest.
Simple to set up, quiet... great product !

Thank you, thank you.

I liked it so much, I'm going to buy another one for my girlfriend's house. Spend half my time there anyway.

Jaspr air purifier is the best !

Thank you again, for a great nights sleep.

Billy B. , Winter Haven, FL, USA

John D.

We were having issues with off gassing of a chemical product used during extensive renovations on our 1972 property. We had tried various other remedies with experts in getting rid of NOC’s with little results. We also have a large Dyson on each of the two floors and yet were still not happy with our air quality. We installed a UV filtration system in our furnace ductwork as well as activated carbon filters. I stumbled onto the Jaspr product while searching online and got in touch with Mike Feldstein. I went and picked one up and after a short time, purchased a second for our upstairs. As an independent contractor in residential plumbing service and repairs, I enter many peoples homes every day. It wasn’t until several months after purchasing our Jaspr’s that I began to notice the air quality in several of my customers homes were causing me to experience dry throat and sinus symptoms, as well as, dryness of my eyes. After getting home from work for a few weeks, I connected the dots and realized that it had to be our Jaspr’s that made our indoor air quality so much more superior than my customers homes. I’m very pleased with the results since we started using our Jaspr’s and highly recommended them to anyone looking to improve their indoor air quality.
On another note, one of our units has developed a bit of a whistling noise. I emailed Mike on this a while back and he was very receptive to the feedback and indicated that they would be sure to look after our concerns. I’ve had several communications with Mike since our purchases and feel totally confident that Jaspr is here for the long term and is fully committed to customer satisfaction.

Kunal D.

I ordered a Jaspr for my home. I have a dog, and even before than, often times while vacuuming / cleaning, I would see so many suspended particles and contaminants in the air. On a friends recommendation, I started doing research on air purifiers and finally settled on Jaspr.

The product arrived beautifully packaged and was very light and easy to move around notwithstanding the large volume. All the details that went into the packaging, including the air bubble protective ring are really well thought out and it is a fun experience to unbox it. The product itself is beautiful and premium with an easy filter mechanism - the giant size of the filter signals the ability of the machine (vs. most home filters that use a flat filter that can be bought at Canadian Tire, etc.)

It is super easy to use and I love seeing the green ring with a low number, as it allows me to know that I am breathing clean air. And it is so quiet, I forget that it is even plugged in. Now I need to order one for my office.

tenzin n.

The unit has a pleasant modern design. The filters are super easy to operate. The sleek cylinder shape fits well in the small office space. It's low humming sound is actually comforting to both patients and staff. Most importantly, patients and staff feel safe and at ease with jasper in the operatory. Highly recommended!


We love our Jaspr units! We bought two to cover all three levels of our home and we noticed a HUGE difference within a day! My husband has always suffered from seasonal allergies, and we noticed a reduction in his symptoms within 24 hours! Having these units in our home also keeps the importance of clean air and what it means for our health, top of mind - especially with my young daughters...they love 'checking the Jaspr' to ensure we are always in the green, and will alert us if they notice it creeping into the orange (due to cooking, outdoor environmental factors, etc.) LOL! I also love how intuitive and easy it is to use - even my 5 year knows when and how to turn on or off the 'Smart Mode', for reduced energy consumption. On a side note, it looks beautiful too and fits in well with the decor of our home :)

THANK YOU Mike and team for conceptualizing and engineering such an amazing and helpful product!

Clean air, everywhere

We make shared air safe to breathe in


Flawless design that integrates into your space.

Modern design that looks beautiful in every space. It’s effortless to maintain. When needed, you can easily swap out the filter in under a minute, no tools required.

Lifetime Warranty

If your Jaspr is on the filter subscription, we'll cover your unit if anything goes wrong. For life.

Three Stage Filtration

The harmful airborne particles in our indoor spaces are diverse. To adequately capture the wide range of contaminants, multiple filter technologies are required.

Free Shipping

Across North America


Hassle-free warranty

Plug & Purify

Easy to use right away


3-in-1 Filtration

Antimicrobial Pre-Filter

This antimicrobial fibre mesh cloth intercepts particulates such as dust, hair, and dander.

Activated Carbon Filter

This layer neutralizes odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including harsh cleaning chemicals used to sterilize surfaces.

H13 HEPA Filter

Medical-grade H13 HEPA filters a minimum of 99.97% of harmful particles, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and mold spores.

Jaspr takes care of your air

We eliminate the guesswork so you can breathe easy.

Commercial-grade Sensors

Track air quality in your business or home like a pro.

Air Quality Feedback

Always see what’s going on with your air.

Smart Mode

Automagically adjusts fan speed based on your air quality.


Room Coverage

2 Air Changes/Hour 1,600 sq. ft.
4 Air Changes/Hour 800 sq. ft.


3-in-1 Filter
- Antimicrobial Prefilter
- Activated Carbon
- H13 HEPA

Max Airflow

430 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

Integrated Sensors


Air Quality Feedback


Smart Mode





25 lbs


31.5 x 11.5 in (H x D)

Sound Level

33-58 dB


1-year JasprCare


Plug & Purify


What is JasprCare and how do I activate my JasprCare warranty?
JasprCare is an all-inclusive 1-year warranty. If you experience any issues with your Jaspr Pro, we'll replace it. No questions asked. To activate or extend your warranty, or to make a claim click here.
How do I replace my Jaspr filter?
No tools or technicians required. Gently rest the device upside down so that the bottom is facing up. Twist to unlock the chamber. Remove and replace the filter. Twist to lock the lid. For more information, see this demonstration.
How do I reset the filter status indicator?
Simply hold the Dark Mode icon (lightbulb) for 3 seconds.
What is your return policy?
Typically we have a 30-day, no questions asked return policy. However, due to COVID-19 we are not able to accept returns or cancellations. ALL SALES ARE FINAL from time of purchase. Our warranty policy is inclusive of all parts and labour.

Jaspr Pro

For large rooms up to 1,600 sq. ft.

Capture harmful pollutants and create a clean-air environment for your patients, clients, students, and loved ones.